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Welcome to Shade.ca's new corporate site. Shade.ca is a web development company based in Gatineau (Québec), Canada. Our specialties include web design and web application development. Furthermore, our team's complementary talents allow us to be very versatile and enable us to create websites adapted to your company's specific needs.

Shade.ca has been hard at work since June 1999. During the first years, the company focused on developing an entertainment portal. As the years passed, the focus was transferred to its web development contracts. Furthermore, the site gained worldwide popularity and it became clear that the individual sections were ready to fly on their own.

Our target clientele are websites that require lots of custom artwork, such as those in the child-related and entertainment industries. In addition, we also focus on tailor-made web applications that satisfy a specific niche's needs. We have designed a number of websites (and graphic design) for stores in the child-retail industry such as Teddy Mountain, where our creativity was put to good use.  We love creating websites but also animations and games for this industry.

In 2007, we partnered with LavaBlast Software Inc, a Canadian software development company which focuses on industry-specific software solutions for franchisors. Shade.ca is the primary supplier of web and graphic design for this promising company.

Finally, we are very interested in everything horror-related. A few years back, we did the official web animation for Cube 2 : Hypercube and are looking to tackle on more movie-related projects. In the meantime, our horror movie review site named Terror.ca, is still attracting hundreds of visitors each day.